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The RWLC Difference

Thank you for visiting RWLC's home on the web. Robie Learning Center is not as big and flashy as the big national test preparation companies, but the successes of the nearly 3000 students we have worked with in the last decade have made us the premier test preparation provider in Central Florida. Why do college-bound students and their parents choose RWLC over the big national companies?

A Different Business Model


Big national companies: Work with as many students as they can at the highest possible price.

RWLC: Work with only as many students as we can serve well at the lowest possible price.

An Achiever's Dream

The partnership of hard-working, engaged student and hard-working, engaged RWLC Test Preparation Specialist is paramount to achieving the desired ACT, PSAT, and SAT results. Our mission is to work with hard-working students to reach goals. You bring questions and an eagerness to learn; we'll bring answers and an eagerness to teach. Good things are bound to happen!

A Different Storehouse of Expertise

Big national companies: Store information and strategy into a printed, static curriculum for large numbers of minimally-trained employees to deliver with the smallest possible adaptation.


RWLC: Store information and strategy within dynamic, expertly-trained Test Preparation Specialists to deliver with the greatest possible adaptability.

A Different Definition of Success


Big national companies: How much THEY profit.


RWLC: How much YOU profit.

A Marketing Nightmare

Robie Wells Learning Center is a proud graduate of the University of Central Florida Business Incubation Program (UCFBIP). During our UCFBIP entrance interview, the Incubator marketing expert declared, "You guys are a marketing nightmare! You are providing a super-premium product at a discount rate."


We at Robie Wells Learning Center wear the label "Marketing Nightmare" with pride. A band of economic iconoclasts, RWLC Test Preparation Specialists believe that test preparation that helps you get into college should not cost as much as college.

SAT Question of the Day App

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    " I joined RWLC to improve my SAT scores, but I received so much more than that. I improved in my writing skills, became aware of the College Board's different strategies, and learned how to analyze just about any piece of literature. I couldn't have done this without Mr. Robie and Ms. Wells' help!"


     "My son had difficulty with Algebra and reading comprehension skills. He had worked with several tutors and although he said he wanted to improve his skills, he resisted the tutoring sessions. When he began working with Kathi Wells, I saw a change in his attitude toward receiving additional help. Kathi never made him feel inadequate and confidence in his skills continued to grow.  As a learning disabilities teacher I have also recommended Kathi to parents who have inquired about tutors for their middle school students. I would recommend Kathi Wells and Robie Learning Center to any student looking to improve reading, English, and math skills as well as SAT prep work."

      "I've been an SAT student of Robie Learning Center for three years. RWLC is a team of different personalities and teaching styles that all work together to help you. I appreciate not only their interactive style of tutoring and teaching, but also their encouragement and empowerment of my success."

— Niyati Shah, Oviedo HS Student 

- Parent and Middle School Counselor

- Giselle San Filippo, Winter Springs HS Student 

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