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Many students meet their goals through the Summer SAT Series class; however, learning is not a one-size-fits-all commodity. Individualized tutoring in test preparation is available through Robie Learning Center. See Tutoring for more information or the  Contact tab to ask questions. 

Consequently, the Summer SAT Series has been an overwhelming success. Yet, all the opportunities and obligations of the school year tend to relegate in-term SAT classes to last place in the priorities competition. Therefore, RLC does not plan classes during the school year both to protect the reputation of the company as a provider of premium test preparation and to protect potential clients from a no-win scenario. Experience has taught me that individual tutoring is far more effective during the course of the school year.  


However, we can make exceptions for classes our students create themselves.  Remember the line from the movie Field of Dreams: "If you build it, they will come."? The same thing applies to Robie Wells Learning Center test preparation. There is no better way to ensure your RWLC class will be convenient to your location and your schedule than to host one. RWLC Test Preparation Specials have taken their craft on the road nearly a dozen times in the last few years, and maybe the next destination is your place!

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Why doesn't Robie Wells Learning Center teach classes during the school year?

We at Robie Wells Learning Center believe in fostering internal, positive motivation. It is the best form of motivation. Yet, sometimes in the real world that warm glow that comes from a job well done fails even the most self-actualized individuals. We understand how the real world works: money talks. This understanding sparked the creation of the Robie Learning Center homework rebate.


Every day that a student in one of our Introductory Courses arrives on time, with his course materials, and with his homework completed as assigned, that student will earn a $5 homework rebate. A student completing all the homework assignments can earn back a sizeable portion of the course tuition fee.


Since its institution, the homework rebate has spurred more than 90% of the Robie Wells Learning Center class participants to complete their homework. The more homework completed, the better the learning.

If a client cannot attend a previously scheduled appointment, the client should contact the RWLC Test Preparation Specialist as soon as need of the cancellation is known. Please inform the Test Preparation Specialist by the communication medium (text, e-mail, phone) established at the first appointment.


Cancellations made more than 48 hours before an appointment will result in no cancellation fee.


Cancellations made less than 48 hours before an appointment will result in a cancellation fee equal to the value of the cancelled appointment. Failure to bring the cancellation fee to the next appointment will nullify that and all future appointments. The cancellation fee will be waived if the affected tutor can book another client for the cancelled time.

Failure to attend an appointment without any communication will result in a fee equal to the value of that appointment. Failure to bring the cancellation fee to the next appointment will nullify that and all future appointments.

Yes. Our tutors have successfully guided students on the ACT and have begun working with college students on the GRE and the LSAT. Since most of these tests do not test academic content as much as they test test-taking skills, they are all susceptible to preparation coaching.  If client interest in the MCAT exists, we will begin offering tutoring specifically targeting the MCAT, too.

If you are asking the question, the short answer most likely is "now." You cannot begin yesterday, and why would you wait until tomorrow to do what you can do today?


We work with middle school students. These young students are among the most eager learners in our classes. Not a few parents have remarked to us upon high school graduation that working with us early gave their children a head start on high school that affected the quality and focus of their entire high school experience. Who doesn't like a head start?


We work with freshmen and sophomores. Course loads and extra-curricular involvement (sports, clubs, band, chorus, academic competitions, etc.) tend to be lighter for these students than for their older counterparts, so they are more likely to have the time to devote to test preparation. Students with knowledge of the scope and content of the PSAT, SAT, and ACT at the beginning of the high school tend to retain more of the vocabulary, grammar, and math from their curricular classes since they know what will reappear later on these tests. Such knowledge is a terrific advantage!


We work with juniors and seniors. As they get closer to the bridge from high school to college, many students who have not yet begun to consider what it will take for them to get across become ready to begin in earnest. Whether they need a little boost to sweeten their application profiles or a big jump to achieve their dreams, these students will find classes and tutoring options with us.


Don't delay too long to begin, though. Marvelous results are possible for all our students, but miraculous results tend to take a little longer. Please plan accordingly!


The Summer SAT Series is not like school in that you do not need to provide any excuses for lack of attendance. If something arises that necessitates your class absence, please attend to that thing. Most of the Summer SAT Series offerings have more than one RLC employee attending to the class needs. You may schedule a little time (five or ten minutes) with an attendant before or after your course (or even during, if that is the only time possible for you) to get a synopsis of missed materials. If you must miss more than a day or two, you may choose to contact us at to inquire about our individual tutoring rates. RWLC does not discount the price of the Summer SAT Series for partial attendance.


For first-time RLC clients, the Introductory Course features 30 hours of expert instruction, facilitated practice, and small-group discussion. Students will learn the format of the test, time management, vocabulary, and guessing strategies. They will also learn and practice item-specific approaches for each question type: Sentence Completions, Passage-Based questions, Math questions, Improving Sentences, Sentence Error Identifications, and the SAT Essay.


For graduates of the RWLC Introductory Course who want the highest scores they can possibly achieve, Continuing Studies features additional hours of directed coaching with SAT experts. This training enables motivated students to hone the skills learned in the Introductory Class and to maximize their personal mastery over the PSAT and SAT. 


All first-time RWLC clients take the Introductory Course before the Continuing Studies course. The Introductory Course is by no means basic even for advanced students, and the Continuing Studies course assumes knowledge of the subject matter and techniques presented in the Introductory Course.

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What are homework rebates?
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Do you offer one-on-one tutoring?
Do you have a standard cancellation policy?
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What is the difference between Continuing Studies and the Introductory Course?


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What if my child cannot attend all of the classes?
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I, Daniel Robie, have tutored and taught students and teachers about the SAT and standardized testing in general since I was nineteen. In the intervening 24 years, I have honed my skills, earning perfect scores on both SAT and ACT. My most recent SAT was January 2010 (2400), and my most recent ACT was December 2010 (36). I have been recognized as the 2008 Seminole County Teacher of the Year among other recognitions. Students participating in my program were featured on the front page of the Orlando Sentinel for their stellar performance on the PSAT and SAT. I lead training sessions throughout the county which help other classroom teachers infuse elements of the PSAT, SAT, and ACT into their curriculum. I have taught over 2000 students about PSAT, SAT, and ACT testing in the last ten years alone. I do SATs and ACTs for fun in my spare time.


To read the qualifications of other RWLC Test Preparation Specialists, please visit the Tutoring page.


RWLC does not host classes during the school year. Summer classes have little to compete with in a student's life; however, in-term classes compete with a full course load, clubs, and sports. 

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What are your qualifications?
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Do you teach for the ACT or any other standardized test?
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When should I start SAT/PSAT preparation?
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