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NMA - 2 - National Merit Academy 2

Due to Covid-19, we have moved our classes online. 

While this may not be ideal, we are doing everything we can to make it a great experience. Students will submit homework via email and receive written and oral feedback. Students will have time in class for questions. We want the class to be as close to in person as possible. 

We do not offer classes during the school year.  We do offer private tutoring year round.  You can read more about tutoring on the tutoring information page.  


Course Times: Monday through Thursday 2:00 PM - 4:30 PM Begins: 7/5/2021 Ends: 7/15/2021

Location: On Line - a Zoom link will be sent 


Lead Instructors: Daniel Robie and Kathi Wells Macomber, Co-Owners of Robie Wells Learning Center


Course Description: This series of classes is suitable for students seeking to super-charge their performance on the PSAT with the ultimate goal of earning National Merit recognition for their junior-year PSAT score. This class does not require SAT 1/2 or private tutoring. It is still consider an introductory course. 


DISCLAIMER: No reputable test preparation company can honestly say it will ensure a student will earn National Merit status from working with it. RWLC is an honest company. Our promise: We shall bring all our expeience to bear to multiply your student's chances of earning this lofty goal. RWLC instructors have trained well over 100 National Merit Scholars. We hope to add your student to that rarefied group.


Target Audience: Students in the Class of 2023 who, with rigorous training, would have a reasonable likelihood of earning National Merit status.


Applicant Qualifications: Students in the Class of 2023 registering for this class must have previously earned a “Total Score” of 1200 on theOctober 2020 or January 2021PSAT/NMSQT. 


National Merit Academy Features:

  • Homework rebates (Students earn $5 for each session after the first for arriving on time with all of their class materials and for completing the previous session's homework as assigned.  That is a discount of $35, bringing the cost of the class down to $514.)

  • The Official Study Guide for the Revised SAT, which includes tests written by the PSAT test makers

  • Classes are capped at 20 students. 

  • The Robie Wells Learning Center National Merit curriculum


Complete the registration form here, and we shall send you a message that recognizes your interest in the class and guides you through the rest of the application process.


There is no difference between the NMA 1 or NMA 2 other than the dates


Register in just two steps: (1) Complete the registration form HERE, and (2) Buy this class through PayPal below.



Please register before paying!  See above.  
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